Representation Advantage

Many buyers in today’s world choose representation by real estate professionals when purchasing their home. Being represented by a professional agent offers many advantages:

  • The agent will guide you through the whole home buying process, will help you make the right decision by providing all relevant information, and will always protects your best interests;
  • Your agent will conduct thorough market analysis, and will evaluate the market value of the home of your choice to empower you with the information that will save you money once you’re ready to make an offer;
  • Your agent will also save you thousands by negotiating on your behalf and by protecting you from making serious mistakes when making the biggest purchase in your lifetime;
  • Every licensed agent in Alberta is covered by a liability insurance that protects consumers in the case if a serious issue is discovered after the transaction is complete; unrepresented consumers do not have that additional protection!

Real Estate laws are constantly evolving, and while people usually purchase a new home every 7-10 years, the laws may change significantly between transactions. Agents must always stay up to date with the laws whereas the public does not typically follow the changes, and may not be able to understand many of the fine prints in the Real Estate world. Today’s Real Estate contracts can be up to 50 pages long not including amendments, addendums, and other related documentation. A professional agent will help you navigate through these overwhelming contracts and avoid pitfalls in various clauses and terms, which may complicate your purchase.